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Shipping Policy

Shippin Policy

How to calculate the freight?

Our current orders are free delivery in most countries and regions. We apologize if your area is not yet within our free shipping range. If you still want to purchase the product, please contact us to calculate the shipping cost separately for you.

Free shipping is available in the following areas:

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom (UK)

If your destination country is not shown above, please contact us and we will check the possibility to ship to other countries.


Where are the items located?

Items ship from warehouses located in China, United States, Italy and Canada. If there are no goods in the local warehouse, we will ship them from other warehouses.

What is your lead time?

Most orders are received in 7 to 15 bussiness days from order to delivery. Customizing the product will take an extra few days.

Incorrect Address or Address Change

Please ensure the shipping address is correct when placing an order. We are not responsible for lost or undelivered packages or costs associated with an incorrectly provided address. We cannot guarantee the successful modification of the address.  If it is necessary to change an address, in every case postal parcel or EMS will charge us a change address fee and, if the new address is not near the incorrect address, postal parcel or EMS will charge us also for the additional redelivery cost.

If you request we contact Postal parcel or EMS on your behalf to request the change, then we will send an invoice to you to pay the additional costs at the time of the change. If you make the change on your own and Postal parcel or EMS bills us separately, we will send you an invoice for that amount so that we break even. While the invoice will be charged by us, ultimately, we send the full amount to the Postal parcel or EMS on your behalf. We very much appreciate your understanding that while we do our best to assume costs for any of our own mistakes, we are not able to assume the cost for mistakes outside our control.

Lost, Stolen, and Misdelivered Packages

If there is no signature requirement, Postal parcel or EMS will determine at their own discretion if an area is secure to leave a package. If there is a signature requirement, they will attempt to obtain a signature from someone at the address or nearby. If they aren’t able to obtain the signature, they may leave a door tag with further instructions. Check your tracking info for details on the latest delivery attempts.

If the package is returned to the place of shipment due to Lost, Stolen, and Misdelivered Packages, we will provide re-shipment service.

Re-delivery is a paid service (we will charge your cost of shipping depending on the package size and weight of different lamps).

If the lamp is damaged or lost due to shipping, we will send you a new lamp for free.

If a package is marked as “delivered” but cannot be located, it is likely the package is nearby or may still be on a delivery truck and is not yet lost.  Typically, the package will be delivered the next day. If the package still cannot be found, it is your responsibility to contact Postal parcel or EMS and request a “trace” to locate the package (s). In order to be considered for a replacement or refund, you must request a trace to confirm the package is lost, and all traces must be made within 7 days of delivery. Outside this window, we are no longer able to file a loss claim with Postal parcel or EMS to recover the cost of the lost or stolen item.


Supplementary Statement:

In cases where there are issues with the address or delivery, the recipient will be required to help coordinate with the courier on resolving shipment issues. This may also involve the recipient picking up the parcel at the courier’s office. We do our best to Liaise with the courier, but due to varying timezones and different languages, the problem is resolved much more quickly with the recipient’s involvement.